About us

Our story

Our meals are regarded as the tastiest ever. No honestly, check out our testimonials for yourself. Each meal we serve is made with love; providing fresh, seasonal and flavourful food around Greater London and surrounding areas. As well as taste and quality, we understand the importance of providing exceptional service. We emerged into the events catering market wanting to bring a fresh outlook and provide exceptional quality, service and variety that we noticed clients require. We do exactly that!

We are a team of passionate foodies, providing homely afro-caribbean dishes learnt straight from mummy’s kitchen, but also, self-taught and perfected dishes from other cultures. With the continous growth of cultural embrace and awareness, we believe food provides a space to explore that even further. We connect with people through food.


We are all about food. We cook it, we serve it, we teach it.

Behind the Brand:

The secret ingredients

My name is Melanie, (commonly known as, yes, you guessed it, Mel) and I am the founder of Mel’s Meals. I have always had a passion for all things food. That is something we hear about from foodies, but seriously, as a little girl, I would actually throw a tantrum if my mother did not allow me to help her in the kitchen (minus the washing up of course)

My mother tells me stories of a young me always eager to organise and serve food at parties! Now, adult me gets excited about buying new dinnerware and exploring new food presentation ideas. (I know, a tad sad). Because I have been cooking from such a young age, it took me a while to realise that I could go from being the person that always brings trays of food to my friend’s events, to running a successful catering business, I just simply enjoyed cooking.

However, after continuous requests to cater for events such as birthdays, christenings etc, I decided to turn my passion into a business.

Partner in food

Meet Tracy. “When Mel brings the Mac & Cheese, Tracy’s Jerk Chicken would be right next to it”. Just like our Mac and Jerk, when it comes to events catering, Our other Head Chefs Tracy and Mel are always side by side in the kitchen, cooking up a storm!

From a very early age my mother would force me into the kitchen to cook with her. At first it felt like a chore but I soon grew to love cooking African meals. As time went on, I decided to try different cuisines other than African food. I met a lovely Jamaican woman who took me in as her daughter and lovingly shared all her secret recipes with me. That is how I learnt to make my famous jerk chicken, sparking off a desire to make all other Caribbean dishes.

After befriending Mel and discovering that not only did we both share a love of cooking, but we both loved exploring different cuisines. It was truly a match made in foodie heaven. We are a dynamic duo in the kitchen!

Mel & Tracy, along with a team of well seasoned Chefs work together to deliver love infused meals to your plate.